New beginnings…

Hello anyone or no one.

I’m a Northern girl who’s starting this blogging thing again, hopefully this time it will help me with some goals I’ve set and things I wish to keep track of. I am dating a Southern guy who I love very, very much. So much in fact I am making some decisions to move closer to him and go to a school nearer to him, we’ve been apart for our entire relationship. Three years we’ve been dating and we’ve only been able to see each other once every six months or so. We’ve been through one graduation, one back surgery, one major move from Idaho to Oregon, and lots of stress and joy all while living over two thousand miles apart. I feel that we’ve been able to grow so much together and as individuals because of the distance as well as because of the time we have been able to be together, whatever time we get.

I want to use this as an excuse to feel accountable to something if not a someone, most of the people who are close in age to me aren’t near to my location. Most have moved out to go to college and very few of my friends have stayed, so companions are far and few between. I’m not complaining, just explaining. Also having moved back home over a year ago, which was probably one of the best choices I’ve made, makes having people over or hanging out with possible new friends next to impossible. Living with two younger sisters and both parents, I’m able to not worry about rent, save more, and enjoy having a fully furnished home with almost no cost out of my pocket, but I still lose the pleasure of having my own place and my own rules etc.

So due to my lack of companions and therefore lack of commitment from lack of accountability to anyone, justifying things to yourself is a lot easier than to someone else, I have decided to attempt at blogging again.


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