Febuary 26th

Yay some goals on my Birthday! What better way to start another year of life than with goals? We do them at New Year’s, but I feel like the ones we make on our birthdays tend to stick more.


  1. Create a work out form (Reps, type of exercise, etc.)
  2. Fill it out daily
  3. Create a weekly menu
  4. This week get off refined sugars, (no more processed sugars, in other words no more buying sweets. Good Bye Soda!)

Alrighty everyone! Let’s get to it!


Rountine and Faking

We are creatures of habit. Very few of us are spontaneous every single day, and even if we were that becomes a “habit”.

Habit~ “A settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give.”(reference)

The last few weeks I haven’t posted anything, not that I haven’t kept notes about things that I want to write or bits of “epiphanies” that come to mind, I just haven’t forced myself to create the habit, I haven’t made blogging/journal-ing enough of a priority so that it sticks long enough for it to become a habit. I’ve found things that are a habit, like watching Hulu before and/or after work, checking emails, or just being lazy in general, are things that are easy to do so making them habit is obviously easy. Now you’re all probably thinking to yourselves, “Duh, why are you wasting time thinking about this?” Well lets be honest, how many of us think of our habits and then really work at changing them or even think about the process of changing them?

Very, very, very few my friends.

I like to think things through like a math problem, step by step so that I don’t miss things, so that fewer things go wrong. Like a math student I do miss things so please speak up if you notice my thoughts have gaps.

So my most recent thought was about my habits and how to change them. These past three weeks I’ve been working on making my eating habits better, getting myself back to a place where I expect myself to exercise in some way, and when I don’t because of a good reason I find a way to make it up. My habits aren’t too far down the lane for me to change, for many it’s hard to change that pack of cigarettes a day, compared to my working at getting up at 5:30 every week day morning when I’m not sick. I have it so easy.

It’s not just about doing it until it sticks, it’s your frame of mind while you do things until they stick. Action is only half of the equation. You have to have an actual thought and feeling towards what you’re doing in order for it to stick long term, feeling and emotion make things “personal” for a lack of a better term. When I start running I hate it so much, I hate it because I don’t feel the benefit right away. If anything I feel worse, my joints hurt, I’m hot, I don’t feel like I’ve done hardly anything, and worst of all I stink. I hate being stinky. Then I get home, I take a shower, and I have the best night sleep I’ve had since my last run, and it all makes up for the terrible, “stinkiness” of it all. The very next time I got for a run, I really think about the mechanics of my body; how the muscles feel and are pulling, how smoothly my joints rotate, and how amazing the human body is in general. I force myself to smile, then because I am smiling, even though I know I honestly don’t like running, I end up rather enjoying myself.

Granted the first time I ever tried running this method really didn’t work for at least two to three weeks, but when it did I found myself making it a competition, a game, to see how I could push myself. Then I started to see results, my muscles got stronger, I got faster, and my body slowly started thinning out. Sadly I let go of my goals and my new found habits a lot faster than I gained them and I got sick, then winter hit and because up here in the North it’s really wet and cold in the winter I landed myself back at square one.

So now that Spring has come again, or rather is coming again, I now have the tools to get those habits back and because I had them once before not too long ago, it will be easier than the first time to get them back. So while I work to get them back I will force myself into the routine and fake it until I make it real.

February 3rd- 9th 2013

This week I plan on:

  • Using Myfitnesspal.com app to keep track of my caloric intake
  • Keeping within my 1,200 daily calorie limit
  • Doing some sort of cardio workout at least three times this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and try for a fourth (Saturday?)
  • Keep track on my new handy dandy weekly exercise tracker on my white board (pictures to come soon!)

Summer Dreams


This is my personal perfection goal that I want at the moment, back down about 35 pounds to this.



I have already introduced myself to anyone out there who passes by, so we can go on a first name basis if any of you really want to, but I feel I haven’t really explained myself or really introduced my reasons behind all this, at least not on a personal level so here it is…

I am the eldest in my family, my mother was a size “0” and five foot nothing on a good day when she married my six-foot two U.S. Marine Corps Dad who maybe weighed 220 lbs while in the service. My father is who I get my main genes from; big-boned, fat loving, slow metabolism, and possible diabetic genes. Genes that really set me up for failure compared to my younger siblings who are like my mother in the sense that no matter what food they eat they weigh next to nothing, still have beautiful feminine curves, but also got the great height gene from our dad. So as the eldest it’s always been hard to look at my younger beautiful sisters and not be a little bit jealous.

As a kid I was always really chubby, while my littler siblings were cute chubby, but not pudgy, something you can see very bluntly in the family pictures from the years past. Miraculously I found sports in high school and middle school, mostly due to my mother pushing me, but I found my love of marching band and eventually swim team. My mom recognized that I got my father’s gene’s early on and realized that meant that diabetes was a serious and very real threat for me in my teenage and adult life, so she really pushed me to be healthier. Now who as a young teen or just a teenager in general really thinks about weight loss especially when you see yourself start shedding pounds? Well I definitely didn’t, I didn’t see the point, so my habits weren’t changed and now I’m paying for it.

My doctors have told me that I’m “border line diabetic”, and that if I really don’t watch myself I will become a full-blown diabetic like my father, with insulin shots and everything. So for the last three years or so I’ve been struggling with staying with a plan set down for me by either myself or someone else, it’s hard to break life-long habits.

There’s my explanation, my physical explanation, about what the point for me is. I want to make sure that people know that I’m not a skinny girl writing down what works for me, but to show that I am an average person who is slightly overweight and working on changing my lifelong bad health habits. This is a real life changing thing for me and I hope that my lessons make a difference not just for me, but offer some tips for others as well.