I have already introduced myself to anyone out there who passes by, so we can go on a first name basis if any of you really want to, but I feel I haven’t really explained myself or really introduced my reasons behind all this, at least not on a personal level so here it is…

I am the eldest in my family, my mother was a size “0” and five foot nothing on a good day when she married my six-foot two U.S. Marine Corps Dad who maybe weighed 220 lbs while in the service. My father is who I get my main genes from; big-boned, fat loving, slow metabolism, and possible diabetic genes. Genes that really set me up for failure compared to my younger siblings who are like my mother in the sense that no matter what food they eat they weigh next to nothing, still have beautiful feminine curves, but also got the great height gene from our dad. So as the eldest it’s always been hard to look at my younger beautiful sisters and not be a little bit jealous.

As a kid I was always really chubby, while my littler siblings were cute chubby, but not pudgy, something you can see very bluntly in the family pictures from the years past. Miraculously I found sports in high school and middle school, mostly due to my mother pushing me, but I found my love of marching band and eventually swim team. My mom recognized that I got my father’s gene’s early on and realized that meant that diabetes was a serious and very real threat for me in my teenage and adult life, so she really pushed me to be healthier. Now who as a young teen or just a teenager in general really thinks about weight loss especially when you see yourself start shedding pounds? Well I definitely didn’t, I didn’t see the point, so my habits weren’t changed and now I’m paying for it.

My doctors have told me that I’m “border line diabetic”, and that if I really don’t watch myself I will become a full-blown diabetic like my father, with insulin shots and everything. So for the last three years or so I’ve been struggling with staying with a plan set down for me by either myself or someone else, it’s hard to break life-long habits.

There’s my explanation, my physical explanation, about what the point for me is. I want to make sure that people know that I’m not a skinny girl writing down what works for me, but to show that I am an average person who is slightly overweight and working on changing my lifelong bad health habits. This is a real life changing thing for me and I hope that my lessons make a difference not just for me, but offer some tips for others as well.


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