Proving the Facts

So my previous post was about “HABITS” and how to make them stick, now I have proof that after just a week of careful planning, action, and tracking it works! I wish I could show everyone, because I’m really proud of the actual changes that are happening, but I’m very modest and even showing my stomach would make me blush. So for reference I will just tell you what’s changed;

  1. My stomach has more definition
  2. An inch has come off my waist and hips
  3. I have more energy
  4. I sleep WAY better

So what did I do differently? I found this blog where the writer came up with an idea of how to work at getting a six pack (or just a flat tummy like most of us want) in a month without the burn out or any crazy motions or tools. Six-Pack March is a great idea and after just one week of doing it I’m already seeing the results. Also every night after doing my “SPM” exercises I keep my yoga mat out and do 20 lunges in place, then I also stretch to make sure that I’m not super sore in the morning.

Tip: Don’t work yourself completely sore. If you hurt at the end of your workout and the next morning you can hardly move without “feeling a burn” then you’ve definitely over done it! Who wants to keep torturing themselves that way? No one and so very few people keep it up after a workout like that.

My younger sister Meesh is an awesome “trainer”, but she is one of those people who really push themselves and then will hurt so bad the next day she has the worst time getting up and doing things. So when we went running together yesterday she kept trying to push me harder than I knew my body could take. I know my body better than she does, even though I’m strong I have almost no endurance. She and I finally figured out how to balance well so that she still pushed me to run 85% of the mile and a half we did and to do some high knees instead of just walking. Again with the goals I would tell her “I’m going to start walking at “X” and start running again at “X”,” to which Meesh would tell me “Why don’t you start up again sooner at “X”?” This made it so much easier to push myself and I found that I could run a lot further than I had originally thought.

So I have found my habits and I’ve kept them for a week, I’ve got three more to go! March is going to be an awesome month!


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