“Bear”ly holding on…

Today while on my run with my trainer/sister (who is being awesome with all of this) we ran by a store called “Bearly Used Beds”. Their whole theme is teddy bears and beds, cute right? Well they left out one bed and one poor little bear who was hanging on for dear life. I don’t know if it was a pun on their part or some cruel joke by a passer-by, but look at this sad little guy!


I had a funny thought after viewing his upsetting predicament, ” Some of us are “bear”ly hanging on to our goals.” Meesh thought that was pretty funny and somewhat impressive that while out of breath and while running past I could still think of something so silly. Anyway take a lesson from this little grizzly, even though we’re just barely hanging (yeah I gave up on the pun), by just hanging on we are not giving up and that’s what matters. Eventually we will reach the top, and when we get there it will totally be worth it.


Oh and meet Meesh! My trainer who I pay in ice cream and buffalo wings…not the best nutritionist, but an awesome sister and a great trainer.




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