Week Update

So one of my last posts was my goals for the upcoming “week”, or in this case two weeks. In my post “February 26th” I put down some goals, some of which I kept up with like working on getting off refined sugars. The others, a weekly menu, a work out form, and filling it out daily. To make up for not having a paper form to track my weekly workout, I kept track of it on my white board. Interestingly enough it seems to be working just as well as a regular paper form.


So daily as you can see in the boxes on the left, I keep track each day of how many exercises I do for the different parts of my body, and then based on if I did at least three regular exercises, but no cardio I put on the monthly calendar blue, or if I do cardio and some extra exercises or just cardio for at least thirty minutes I get a blue. Anything other than that means I didn’t meet the goal and I got a red day, which stands out to me as a negative thing, something I need to work harder at. As you can see since I was sick and had several accidents and emergencies this last week I didn’t get as much exercising time in.

As to how I did on the refined sugars, I did awesome! Until that is, Wednesday. Terrible, terrible Wednesday…

My younger sister was in a pretty serious car accident, no harm to her thankfully, but our dad’s car is close to totaled. On top of that I had a tough babysitting job, lets just say some four year old’s have way stronger arms than you would think that they do. I had a bruise to prove this fact. So after a rough day I gave into a craving of a Dairy Queen blizzard to make my feelings go away. I felt better, but it was only for that night and I wasn’t able to make up for it because I then got sick. Allergies are the worst at the beginning of spring, especially when they turn into a nasty two day long head cold.

So after an almost failed week I have a new resolve. I have asked my family for more help, I am starting this Monday (May 18th) work harder and push myself to be better than last week which shouldn’t be too hard. I will have a week of absolutely no refined sugars, this time for real. I’m going to eat fruit when I have a sugar craving, to help my hunger urges I am going to be drinking two of my Nalgene water bottles a day (64 oz), and for my snacks so that I don’t have low blood sugar I will have pretzels, carrots, hummus, and again fruits.

Oh and any suggestions, please feel free to make them! I’m definitely open to some new ideas.


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