The Push…

Alrighty everyone! It has begun.

Today I made awesome headway in my running, my sister really pushed me and I ran 85% of a mile in 11 minutes. That means if I had finished it would have been a 13 minute mile! Now the down side was I could have totally finished the mile, but because I didn’t see the end of the road I didn’t actually do it. Then when making my way back to my car with Meesh we ran/walked on and off, making my .85 of a mile a full mile that I ran tonight in whole, just not ran all at once.

Once we drove the road to get back home I tracked the length of the road to see A.) how far I actually went just straight running and B.) how long the total road was. Turns out the road is just a little over a mile long and if I had just gone on blind faith and let Meesh continue to push me I would have made the full mile easy. Granted I would have been out of breath, but I would have met one of my personal goals to run a full mile without stopping once.

Every person I’ve talked to and blog/website/advice column that I’ve read, all have said that after making that first full mile it gets easier to run longer and faster. You know what? After the run tonight, I have been so energized and focused,  now that it’s midnight and I’ve got everything done I’m definitely ready to hit the sack and my body is feeling the after effects of pushing myself as hard as I did.

Tonight I really learned something important, I learned that even if we don’t see the end result ahead we still need to stick to our goals and meet them. Just push for that last little bit to make it to the end goal so that at the end of the day when you are walking back to your car you will know that you did it, and can be proud of yourself for not only pushing yourself, but for completing a goal that you’ve set.

Blind Faith, just do it.


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