100 Yards of Lunges…


That’s how I feel at this very moment, just “ouch”. My physical self is aching and not sure how I’m going to make it through the work day of being a nanny for a little boy, running around after him and playing, climbing up two flights of stairs to get to my desk job in the afternoon, and then coming home to help with chores and start the work out process all over again. The mental part of me is just thinking, “AW YEAH! Look at what I just did tonight!!” After a half mile in 5 (YES! FIVE minutes!), a 100 yards worth of lunges (Yes, the ENTIRE high school football field), and then some core workout, topping the night off with a mini suicide (an exercise Meesh taught me tonight), I am sore but extremely proud of how I was able to push through it and do something I have never done before.

I have to own up and admit though that I took breaks, I tried to tease my little sister into letting me out of the set goals, and I am not nearly at the fitness level I thought I was. Lets just say I should have been WAY more red in the face than I actually was. Even though I’m not nearly where I thought I was or deluded myself into thinking I was, I now know that I can only work up, unless I give up which I am not going to do.

Tonight I was looking through some pictures from the past. Some of you may remember when I talked about how in family pictures from my childhood I was always chubby whilst my younger sisters were so skinny and fit looking. There was a time right around when I was 16 to right after I turned 18 that I was fit, but only in looks. I had thinned out, but I know I definitely couldn’t do a 10 minute mile back then, I was still out of shape. At that time my metabolism was at it’s best, fast and healthy. Looking back my goals then were not even remotely health related, and because of that and my bad habits I let myself get into when I went to college, I now not only have fitness goals orientated on how I look, but how much I can push myself.

I just wanted to put out another few words of advice; don’t focus on the weight, look at what you can do or the inches that come off. In the entire month that I’ve really applied myself and worked on my set goals I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist, and only 2 pounds off my total body. Remember muscle is heavier than fat, and when you start working out and pushing your body yes you burn more, but you are also causing your muscles to grow and work harder to become stronger. When you start out you are pushing your muscles to move quite a bit of weight faster than they have in a long time for longer than they’ve had to work in a long time, so they start improving themselves to make up the difference and they change a lot faster than you burn fat, at first. Eventually the fat burn, muscle gain ratio will even out, but at the beginning it is definitely not going to be even close. So now knowing that you can’t give up. Weight loss isn’t an overnight thing. If it’s easy to lose the weight then it’s probably going to be just as easy to gain it back.

So tonight while I try to settle my shaking thighs so I can sleep, I have to publicly say, “Thank you,” to my wonderful younger sister who knows exactly how to push my buttons to get me to stop teasing and playing around, and push through the pain to a better me. And remind you all that nothing worth while ever comes overnight, the best things in life are the ones we work for and push ourselves after.


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