Real Change

So this week I’m really putting my gears in motion, for the last couple of weeks I’ve made goals and met them half way, but this week I’m going all the way! I’m really going to do it.

That means I’m going to make goals for the entire week and check in daily, I want to make this really stick. As I’ve said before I’m not perfect, I’m not one of those already pretty fit gals. I really need to lose the weight and I just need to push myself to get it all done.

This week I will:

  1. Run 4x’s this week (at least a mile)
  2. Eat a healthy Breakfast and Dinner and snack on fruit and veggies during the day
  3. Work on my situp and pushup levels

So there it is. Nothing really out there, totally doable, but by checking in I hope to make this a habit more than its been before.

In keeping up, here is Monday of this week:

I am currently house-sitting for some really good friends, at the barn where we keep our goat and cows. My mom’s best friend and her husband are away visiting family, and helping to take care of their granddaughter, so I’m here taking care of the animals and enjoying some time away from my crazy, wonderful family. I haven’t lived on my own in a long time and so it has been a little weird not being constantly bugged or asked to take care of something, but I’m enjoying it immensely! (I can’t wait to move out again and be on my own, can you tell?) So tonight because I didn’t prepare my things to get over here right after work and be able to change into my running clothes, I didn’t go running. I still have 6 days left though! So tomorrow morning my plan is to get up and at least go for a walk before work, but after work definitely go for my run on the road right down the highway from the farm. I will have no excuse tomorrow as I got all my errands done, my work out clothes here, and I will have the extra time to get over to the road. Today I did succeed in having a great breakfast of an egg white, smoked salmon, and laughing cow cheese omelet with herbs for seasoning. Then for lunch I made an awesome laughing cow cheese, smoked salmon, and herb spread on top off some flat bread, while dinner was a bowl of lettuce with some vinaigrette and a lean steak.

Also tonight I am going to get some sit ups and pushups in before bedtime. So I’m not too far behind in my goals for this week!

Happy Monday!


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