First Real Change (Real Change, Takes Effect)

Checking in on day one, initiatory day of my changes for real this time around, and I feel like “tooting” my own horn so here it is;

“A-scoot a-toot!”

So today, I had a delicious breakfast of turkey sausage and scrambled eggs mixed together, kinda like what you would do in a breakfast burrito. I love chopped up turkey sausage (or any sausage) put together with scrambled eggs and seasoned with Tony’s Cajun seasoning. (I’m dating a southerner remember? Everything needs to be spicy.) YUM! One of the best breakfasts ever, but I top it off with a banana as I run out the door so I get some fruit in there. Then today I snacked on some cut up apples all day, and it was a LONG day. Any crazy person who could have called in to the bank today did, and just had the strangest requests and questions. Maybe there’s a full moon tonight?

For lunch I did have TopRamen as something quick because I was hungry and just needed something quick when I came back to the farm to let one of the cats out. Here’s my views on TopRamen, if you are constantly eating it of course it’s unhealthy, but unlike going to a fast food joint where pretty much everything is just dipped in fat, it has a good amount of sodium, but I figure its the less of two evils. So then after cooking that up and checking on some other things and packing the Ramen up, I headed back to work where I resisted the evils of the sugars that surround me at every turn in the office.

After clocking out and feeling exhausted, more mentally so than physically which may be harder to fight and push through, I got a phone call from my little sister and trainer Meesh. Meesh needed my assistance tonight in getting some of her homework done in time for the deadline of end of term, as the best big sister I am I took some time to be her photographer instead of heading out for a run right away.

After all that, let me tell y’all, it was so hard to push myself out the door and force my arms and legs into the motions of running, but oh wow was it worth it! I feel amazing, and so proud of myself. After everything today I felt like there was almost no way I could get it done and not only did I get my run done, but I did so much better than I ever had!

I have never in my life ran a full mile straight, and currently that is my end goal. I want to be able to not walk once, to be able to push myself through the entire mile, and then push myself even further. I want to get to that point where I don’t have to think about forcing my limbs into it, and enjoy the run for what it is; time to myself to focus on my body, my feelings, and my thoughts. Tonight I got there for a good 1/3 of the mile, where I wasn’t thinking about pushing or forcing. It just happened. I just was running and it was wonderful!

So here’s what I accomplished; healthy eating, running, and I walked less during my “run” than ever! Only for 1/8th of a mile.


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