Who is the Northern Girl?

So I realized I only gave a brief introduction to who I am and my background. Not that anyone is particularly interested in who I am, maybe not even interested in my advice, but just in case and since I feel like explaining who I am so that I have a more personal connection with what I’m trying to accomplish, here it is.

My name is Megan, I was born and raised in the Northwestern part of the wonderful United States of America, also known as the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific coast has always been one my favorite places to visit, as I live further inland than most think, but close enough that it only takes a few hours to get there. I am recently graduated from college, (one of the BYU’s) where I was a music major, but chose to get an associate’s degree instead of a bachelor’s from the get go so that I could move closer to my Southern guy faster. I love cooking and took a class in college to see if culinary school was my next big move (it wasn’t, it’s just a hobby), and moved back home to a room free of rent, a picky cat (who I left because she couldn’t come to college with me), and the crazy family life that I had sort of forgotten since being single and on my own.

So now I’m a nanny to a wonderful little guy who I’ve been with since he was four months old, and working for a bank where I love my office job of paper work and customer care calls. All this to save to go back to school and be closer to that Southern gentleman who is my Superman, cheesy but true.

Superman and I met over the internet, as penpals. I do not suggest meeting people that way, honestly it was a miracle for us to have met and for it not to have been a traumatic experience for either of us. We are best friends who just happened to fall in love with each other and have worked through things together, separate in space, but together in emotions and spirit. We’ve made our relationship work for three years and hopefully this will be the last year that we spend apart, I plan on getting back to school in the next six months or so, and moving down there. Which plays into my weight loss goals. I want to be my best for my best friend and amazing boyfriend.

Like I’ve said before I’m not a skinny girl, I’ve never been skinny. I am a well built gal, I’m never going to be Victoria Secret model thin, but I know that I can look better than I do now. I honestly love my body, I really do, but there are specific things I can pin point that I absolutely hate about my early 20’s body. I have a body that clings to fat so changing my diet doesn’t cause anything to change, unlike my thin sisters, and the only time in my life that I was “thin” a.k.a “fit” was when I was working my butt off in marching band and doing several other activities. I really have to work at getting my body to where I want it to be, more than my sisters have ever. That’s ok, I realize that long term weight loss goals are going to take long term progress, but that means that they are going to stick better than if I just dieted it off.

So that’s me the Northern Girl, and the Southern Guy Kyle may put something in here eventually, that’s all up to him. I can tell you this though; he is younger than me by two months, he’s going to graduate in 8 months with his bachelor’s, and he is the BEST FRIEND and most amazing boyfriend ever! I don’t know what I would do without him, even though technically every day we are apart we talk for at least an hour to sometime 4 if we can fit it in. There are very few days where we don’t talk and when we don’t we always make up for it by talking as soon as we can and catching up with everything.

 That’s us, the Northern Girl and a little bit of the Southern Guy. The Northern Girl and Her Southern Guy


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