Forward Motion

Today was another awesome day! I hope everyone out there had a great day as well, it’s early spring, the weather has been nice (at least here in my little valley), and with the extra rain everything is growing and bringing out the bright and beautiful colors of springtime. And where is the best place to see all of this and enjoy it while on a good mile long run? The Farm!

My mom’s best friend and her husband, who are pretty much my aunt and uncle, asked me to house/barn-sit for the last for the couple of days and it’s been great! Not only does this force all my excuses out the door about running and exercising, because I’m already at the spot where I go to get my burn on, but it also has been an awesome experience being on my own again since college. I miss living on my own, I know I’ve said it and I’m grateful for my family allowing me to stay with them, but I’m ready to get out there on my own. Anyway, today I did awesome with the eating, I stayed away from bad things like candy (it’s literally ALL OVER my office where I work), and I went for my mile run. Sadly because it’s been raining all day the back field is soaked through and running back there would be disastrous, so I only ran 5/6ths of a mile. On top of this I did walk for 25 seconds, but only once so I feel pretty proud of myself over all.

After that pretty good run, I needed to take care of the animals. So I feel like I made up for my not full mile by mucking out the stalls and cleaning up after some crazy messy creatures.


Yes these are our NINE goats. On top of this we share four Dexter cows, two steers, a heifer, and a milk cow soon due to deliver our fifth little cow. So I had a pretty good sized mess to clean tonight, right after doing my “ok” run. I feel like I deserved a good meal of something not so healthy tonight. So here’s what happened:

First you rake up all the gucky, gross hay, and put it into one big pile. We call that sweet and sour hay, because the goats like to eat out of the big pile if we don’t move it fast enough. Then I have to get a pitchfork and chuck it out as far as I can so that it doesn’t add up too much. Squeaker the cat decided to check in on my work to see how I was doing and how fast I was going; he was hungry and was sick of waiting for me. I told him to just catch a mouse and have a snack before dinner, but he just sat on the milking stand and gave me a look like, “I already did that lady, now pick up that poo faster!”

So just as I’m finishing and letting the goats in to eat and be put up for the night I get this view;

Remember how I said it had been raining all day? I even ran in the rain just so I could say I did and know that I’m living up to my set goal, then after getting nearly covered in goat guck, and almost being run over by nine hungry and heavy goats I see this amazing view. And it made everything totally worth it, just for that moment. Oh and no, that is not goat fuzz because someone got too close to my pitchfork, but rather because someone either is shedding or someone else took a nip at them and got a mouth full of goat fuzz.

So after a nice hot shower that took all the guck off me, and a warm meal, I am proud to say and post that it was another good day. I’m not quite to my goal of running a mile square on, but I am definitely getting closer. Maybe next week I will do it, but soon for sure.


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