Chubby and Proud!

Have you ever had one of those neighbors who you’ve never met, but they do something annoying or seem to just want to bug you? Well we met ours tonight, at 10:30 PM when we let our dogs out one last time for a bathroom break and our German Shepherd, Shea, started barking because someone was on the other side of the fence. Sheamus is EXTREMELY territorial and because he has very limited eyesight he gets worked up over the slightest of noises, he’s a great guard dog, but I agree with the neighbor that he is also very annoying.

Well all our neighbor knows about us, is that we have an annoying dog who barks every time we let him out and all we know about the guy on the other side of our back fence is that he antagonizes the dog and makes the situation worse. Long story short, my mother went out in her PJ’s because she had, had enough of this punk messing with our dog by barking at him or banging pieces of wood together and making the whole scenario worse, and we got the most interesting story about a divorce caused by the noise of our pets, and how the rest of his life somehow played into this vexing setting. After all that I’m having a hard time sleeping because all the excitement woke me up completely. So here is what all is going on;

I keep daydreaming of the time when my Southern Guy and I get to travel together with all my belongings and my silly cat down South, being able to be a “normal” couple in the sense that we are close in proximity and able to date and do daily things together. It is driving me crazy how I have to wait, but hopefully the time is getting closer. Fingers crossed!

These last two weeks I kept to my goal of 3-4 times running or a good cardio workout a week, constantly making a mile in 10 minutes. I’m really proud of that, also in the last 2-3 weeks I’ve lost 4 lbs total! I’ve been eating relatively clean, with only a few slip ups here and there, nothing big, but just little binges of a soda (only once a week) and maybe some chips or something that’s processed. Overall I would say that the last two weeks have been great! Tough, but great! My goals now are to keep that up for the next 3 months, to see how far I can get and see what others think or if they even notice or I notice a significant change. I also want to add more muscle work into my routine, tone up my arms and torso, so that while I’m thinning out (hopefully) there is something behind it all.

Speaking of a something behind all of “it”, I just have to elaborate on somethings I’ve said before;

I’ve posted a little bit of my background, my family and growing up with two thin sisters, and being the chubby one in the family. I’ve done some soul searching as well as talking with my parents, and something that was said really hit me, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Even when I was thinner in high school I wasn’t happy with where I was, I thought I was still chubby, and I was. I wasn’t “thin” like I said before, but you could see in my face and in my body that I was healthy, that even though I had a little pudge in my gut I was healthier than I was now. My face was thinner, my weight was lower, and I felt relatively good about myself, even thought at the time I thought that I should be thin like my sisters. My mom told me that my size “suits” me, that being bigger isn’t something to be upset about. Yes I need to work at being better and working towards being healthier for whatever my purposes, but I also need to recognize the wonderful body I have. The beauty that is Megan, and look at what has been given me without searching out the negative. I need to be aware of my short comings, but I don’t need to constantly focus on them, I need to fix them and move on. So like Raven from “X-Men First Class”, but with a slight alteration, I am Chubby and Proud!

So the next week is all about cardio for at least 30 minutes for 3-4 days, and muscle workouts at least 3 days this week.

Shout out: in two months my best friend Shannon will be in town and I can’t wait! Hopefully with her in town I will have some more stories to tell and a few videos to post!


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