Building Up, But Not From Square One…

There have been many changes in the last two weeks, the first and cutest is that our Dexter cow, Maybell, gave birth to her heifer calf who was deemed, “Tinkerbell”, so she would fit in with the “Cowbells” as we call them. (Our cows are Maybell, Annabell, and now Tinkerbell get it?) Now we are just waiting on the milking goat, who’s name is coincidentally is Belle (honestly that one was an accident, she was here before the cows and was already named, and the two cows were already named as well when we got them. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?) to give birth to (cross your fingers) twins(?).

Maybell the mama and Tinkerbell the baby

The weather here has gotten more and more beautiful, it has been up above 80 degrees all week and most of last week too meaning that we are going to have a long HOT summer. That’s how summer was meant to be, hot and sunny with a few breaks for the occasional wonderful thunderstorm. The nights have been clear and cool, making me long for my Southern guy or friends to go stargazing with. Oh those summer nights when I wasn’t an adult and didn’t have to worry about getting enough sleep so I could function during the day, where have you gone?


Exercise-wise the last two weeks were a little rough owing to a few factors;

  1. The flu was going around, and my family got it
  2. Due to the awesome hot weather, the mosquitoes all hatched and decided to feed on everything (including me while I was running)
  3. The mosquitoes somehow bit me through my shoes…still haven’t figured that one out yet.
  4. One of said bites blistered and caused a serious “boo-boo” on part of my foot making running extremely painful

So I did go running, but because of those stinking mosquitoes and their stupid appetites which caused a nasty blister I only ran about 2 times last week, and it took forever to heal. This week however I got back into the exercise routine I had been keeping up, cardio about 3 to 4 times and strength training whenever I didn’t go for a run. It was hard getting back into the swing of things, especially running the mile straight, the goal that I had just started to meet, and the whole ten minute mile goal that I was getting closer and closer to has become so hard! 15 minutes is what I did on Monday and Tuesday I was forced to do run to the high school and back from my house, my trainer insisted it was only a half a mile, my legs and instinct said otherwise.

I finally got home and went straight to the computer (yeah I know I didn’t stretch, tsk tsk.) and found this awesome site called Run My Route which I found and now LOVE! It is where you can go to route a run no matter where it is, and it’s great for those of us without a smartphone that has GPS and can track where you go and it also measures how far you go. Thankfully I found that Meesh has no sense of direction or distance and that 1/2 mile that she said I did just going the one way turned out to be about 1.6 miles which made my whole “run” about 3.2 miles…which made me very upset at my younger sister turned personal trainer.

Then tonight I ran 95% of the mile (due to some technical difficulty with my ipod and a c5K app) and I did the whole mile in about 13 minutes which was awesome and felt good, but I was worried about how hard it was for me. Surprisingly though I was able to do it and I felt great afterwards which is the whole point, but I realized that I need to work on the goals of running the full mile and getting it as close to 10 minutes for more than just one week. It needs to be my goal for a while, I need to make sure that I don’t loose the edge I got when I finally made the mile and had it down to 10 minutes.

Word of advice, listen to music while running that you want to sing to. You don’t have to sing along, but mouthing the words and focusing on something other than your breath or how your legs or lungs feel helps push you further for longer. Its like when you complained about a bruise on your leg back in high school and your friend turns around and smacks you in the arm, you are no longer focused on the pain in your leg for the shock and pain on your arm. Fun fact! I found that helps especially towards the end of my mile when I’m about to give up and I have a hill to climb up, I find new strength and am able to push through the end.


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