Wow, I have found my new inspirations! I was doing some research on smart pedometers (the fitbit, because it’s so FREAKING awesome!) and I happened upon this site; Angryjogger. A website by an Irish gentleman who decided one day that he was going to run home due to circumstances out of his control and then made goals based on his first ever running experience. He writes about how he did it, he posted pictures of his former self who wasn’t overly overweight (just like me!), but was definitely in a place he didn’t want to be, he gives a real man’s perspective on how running changed him and how it can definitely change anyone else out there.

It’s not just about running anymore, it’s become part of my lifestyle to spend weekends away in new places. Besides it’s easier to continue with the running than it is to stop and start all over again.  Running tomorrow will always be easier than running some time next week.

Once you build some momentum with it, then it becomes less of a challenge.” ~ The Angry Jogger

And then thanks to the amazing powers of Pinterest and it’s search capabilities, I found What We’re Eating. A wonderful blog about a woman who was overweight and knew it, but couldn’t face the reality of it. One day she decided she was going to change and started the couch to 5K program (Like you know who again!) and something just clicked for her. She realized that this was something she definitely could do, that weight loss is a life decision, not just something you do to, ehem, lose weight for now and it will stay off. She has some really tasty recipes that I am just dying to try, and her story really, really touched me.

Though I had always said I would never be a jogger, I begrudgingly started the program alongside her. Not gonna lie – in the beginning I didn’t even know if I was going to make it through the entire 60 seconds of jogging. But each week I continued to surprise myself and was able to succeed at increasing the length of the intervals on schedule with the program, though some weeks that meant pushing myself more than others. About half way through, the flip switched in my head. You know what? I can do this. And that’s the thing! It’s all in our freaking heads! When your inner dialogue is filled with “I can’t run for 5 minutes” “I can’t say no to that slice of pizza” “there is no way I’m ever going to shed 100 lbs” “I’m fat, I’m ugly, even I don’t want to look at me, how can anyone else” all of these negative thoughts just constantly circling over and over and over, yeah – you know what? YOU NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES. You have to believe in your ability to do it first.” ~Amanda of What We’re Eating

I offer them and their work for your consideration and hopefully approval. I have just started reading them, but plan on making it a weekly habit if not a daily one. I find them so far inspiring, motivating, very informational, and entertaining, I can’t wait to read more and test out what they have to say.


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