Been a while…

So it’s been a while since I’ve don’t anything on here, I feel like I’ve really fallin’ off the band wagon here, but it’s OK. I just need to push myself harder. These last couple of weeks I’ve really been pushing harder, running for longer, and I’ve started doing some weight exercises. So far I’m still only down 6 lbs, I had thought I had lost another 2 lbs making me so much closer to my 10 lbs goal, but I now no longer trust scales. At least not the one in my bathroom! In the last week or so I started a couch to 5k program and have been going good on that, it’s hard, but so worth it! I feel great, even though I’m so red in the face it looks like I’m sun burnt, I feel like I’ve done something amazing and my only regrets are the days when I don’t do something.

I really need to hunker down these next two months and work on losing at least another 6 lbs to 10 lbs, which means no more sodas, candy, fried food, or fast food of any kind. My workouts are going to be 30 minutes or longer, I’m going to push harder. One goal I met was that I ran two miles straight, granted it was in 30 minutes making my mile a 15 minute mile. I’m going to start doing interval training to decrease my timing down to a 10 minute mile, but I’m not giving up on the distance training as well, I’ve found that by doing both interval training and distance training I will be able to increase my stamina and decrease my times. Hopefully this will also help with my calorie burning.

Obesity Campaign Poster

That’s the dream.

Things are changing for me, new life decisions are coming about and I’m excited for the new experiences heading my way. Now to just get myself to a point where I feel like I’m actually making significant change. I went dress shopping a few days ago (Memorial Day, you know because of all the sales I thought it was the best choice), because I thought I was getting into pretty good shape and slimming down enough that a new dress would be a wonderful reward. While trying on the dresses I was surprised how well they were fitting, but that I still wasn’t looking how well I thought I did. In my mind there was this image of me, but that I was A LOT thinner than I really am. It was reality and my personal reality finally colliding and what I saw in the mirror had two sides; on the one hand I fit into clothes that had been tight at best, on the other hand I’m still far off from my goal and now I completely see it. My eyes have been opened fully and now knowing everything, seeing everything about myself I can fully diagnose what’s going on.


Two months ago

2007-08-03 012

This month


Three years ago













Now I need to focus on not only how long I work out, but how many times a week. I’ve been pushing myself to work out three to four times a week, now I need to push to do four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Making different choices and keeping my muscles confused so they develop and grow increasing my fat burn. So in two months I will be able to get that dress and possibly need some other clothes because mine will no longer fit!


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