The Big Count Down…

My lil’ sister Meesh has officially GRADUATED! She made it and I am so proud of her, my little sister-turned personal trainer(only sometimes and not since March) was able to push herself and graduate, something that we were a little worried about since she had some serious health issues her sophomore year putting her behind in her education. Since she has graduated and doesn’t have to worry about possibly getting a G.E.D., she is moving out of our parents home (yes before me, but just by about a month) and moving to…..



While she is heading off to start her life(aka waiting until she is a citizen of the state so she can get in-state tuition), I will be working and saving for the next month and a half for when I will be moving. Yes, finally MOVING! No more counting down the days until I get to see my Southern Guy, no more Skyping with him or being able to just call him and talk for maybe thirty minutes; from there on our we will be able to see each other on a daily basis if we are able to and choose to.

We will have a normal dating life, instead of this seeing each other once every six to seven months, and I will be able to go back to school, and make my own way in the world! Wow that’s a lot of change, but I know it will all be worth it and then some. The Southern Guy will be graduating here in December of 2013 with his bachelor’s and I will be deciding shortly after that where I want to go to college to finish my BA and what I want to finish it in(Dental Hygiene?). Until then it’s back to working my butt off when I don’t twist my ankle increasing my speed and lowing my times, and just overall creating better lifestyle habits for when I am on my own.

Speaking of times here’s my times from two of my runs this week, just my mile runs:


Full Mile Half MileAs you can see, my times are going down, the full mile time on the right corresponds to the half mile time on the right, and you may be a little confused then why my 5:31 has an ending time greater than the run before. There’s a simple answer and it is totally legit (yes LEGIT). The run on the day before (the 12:26 ending minute) I pulled my hamstring and so after stretching after the run and before my run the very next day, I didn’t think it would be a problem and as you can see for the first half mile it wasn’t. During the 2nd half of my mile I had to stop for at least 30-60 seconds to stretch because it started hurting again. Lesson learn, when my body tells me my limits I need to listen instead of pushing through it, most of the time. It’s hard sometimes to listen to the messages your body sends you, especially when your dad is a Marine who reminds you that, “Pain is weakness leaving the body,” an awesome inspiring Marine saying, but also one that needs to be understood in context to the situation. So when my muscles hurt because they are doing more work than they are used to v.s. my muscles pulling and over working, I will remember the difference. Also stretching isn’t something to be taken lightly, DO IT. Stretching really does make a HUGE difference, it starts to warm up your muscles so that they are somewhat prepped for your workout, then really warm them up by doing a 5 minute walk or jog, don’t just jump into your exercise, WARM IT UP! Also before you completely cool down, stretch again! It will make all the difference between being sore and stiff and feeling amazing the next day, it also helps with your mentality towards exercising. You won’t associate constant soreness and pain with doing a good workout, but rather will remember the endorphins release during and after your workout making it a more pleasant memory.


So there’s my rant dealing with working out, I know I really should get something more to rant about. Oh and I know I promised some recipes and since my lil’ sisters and I are going to be living so far away and I know how much they love my cooking I will definitely be getting on adding those recipes I promised forever ago and others that my family and I love.

So much is happening, so many changes. This is proof and reason right here why it is so important to keep some sort of a record of the happenings of our lives. I don’t know what all I have forgotten these past two to three weeks, but I know I have forgotten plenty. But for now I think that this was a pretty good summary of the past few weeks and I feel like I’m ready to work on keeping better more accurate record more often.

Just for grins and giggles.


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