Goats, Smokes, and Moves…

So the baby goaties are now about a month and a half old, right around their one month birthday our Northern valley was dealing with some pretty hot weather, which lead to some nasty dry vegetation that caught on fire due to a few lightning strikes. This caused our little valley to fill up with smoke making some pretty cool picture opportunities out at the farm, so here they are…



Then this was one of the last times I got to play with the goats as I was packing up and leaving for Louisiana in less that two weeks. So I sat in the field and just played with the babies and watched the bigger goats rough house. Our Dexter’s got into the mix as well again some fun picture times.



And then the Dexter’s, including Tinkerbell wanted to play as well.



And then I moved…there wasn’t much that happened other than working and packing until the Southern Guy came into town on Saturday, and we packed my little Ford Focus (Yay Marty!), hog tied my cat and put her in her carrier (not really, but the way she reacted you would have thought that’s what we did), and drove off Monday morning bright and early….


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