The MOVE!! Part 2…

So Monday morning we woke up super early 5:00 AM and were completely on the road by 5:30, which was a great idea on our part considering all that happened that day. Cleo my wonderful little “munchkin” cat has never been big into traveling for long or short trips, and since this was the longest trip she has ever taken and probably will ever take, she was a complete and utter mess. Trying to be a good pet owner and knowing her reaction to being in her carrier for any period of time, I had gotten her a sedative, which didn’t work at all. Cleo had a freak out session all Monday and she wouldn’t use her litter box which led to a mess that was something that I never thought I would deal with.

Other than that the day was pretty good, we had few mishaps dealing with gas and distances, but overall we had fun on the first day driving to Utah. Upon arriving at our hotel, we put Cleo in the bathroom and let her give us the cold shoulder, we weren’t on talking terms my cat and I. The Southern Guy and I then went to visit with my little sister and my best friend who are roommates, and after not seeing both for a little over a month I was so happy! We had such a great time visiting with them and seeing how much my little sister has grown up, being on her own and making her way in life, it was FANTASTIC! Shanny, my best friend is an amazing person who has brightened my life since I’ve met her and has been there for me in some of the toughest of times, I can’t wait to see them again come Christmas. After spending a few hours with them and some others we just had to head back to the hotel to get some sleep, we were exhausted. Between driving for a straight 14 hours and dealing with Cleo, the stinky one, we needed the rest. Sorry ladies, next time we will party more!

So then Tuesday came along, WAY too early! We woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned Cleo (yes….I bathed a cat in a hotel room sink. I don’t EVER suggest it) then we headed out to continue our trip. Tuesday was SUPER BORING! We were pretty much done with driving, and even though there were amazing sights, and we got to stand in four places at once, we were already making promises to each other that the next time we have a big trip to make it will be by plane. Driving for three and a half days us just too much. Tuesday night we spent our night in Albuquerque New Mexico, don’t visit for a while, they are experiencing some serious construction. As well as serious storms, man can it dump rain in NM, you couldn’t even see the lines on the road because there was SO much rain!

July-August 2013 300

This is Four Corners National Park. Nothing awesome.

Side note; Four Corners is run by the Navajo people and there really isn’t anything spectacular there. If you’re making a trip just to site see, definitely stop here. Problems with this place is that it is WAY out of the way, there are few really worth it souvenir shops, and to top it off the actual spot that we were standing upon up there is about 1/2 a mile away from where the states technically touch according to Google Earth. Just an FYI for future travelers.

Wednesday we slept in as late as we could, but the Southern Guy and I found out that whilst traveling your sleeping cycles get all kerfunky. We were up by 8 AM (a.k.a. WAY too early) eating breakfast and discussing the weather because the night before had been crazy scary. As we entered into the state of New Mexico we saw two things; a LITERAL SANDSTORM and a GINORMOUS thunder rain storm. The best part about that was that we were heading towards BOTH, there was no way around them, unless we turned around on the two lane highway we were on. So we headed on and entered into a small town called Shiprock, I honestly thought it was Sh**rock, the “P” just didn’t look like a “P” and the way this little town looked you would have thought it was appropriately named. It was like the early 1980’s had hit hard in this town and the 1990’s just passed on by, so it was stuck in the 80’s with all the bad neon that came with that.

While in this tiny town, the thunderstorm hit and it hit hard, I mean it DUMPED rain on us. The roads were flooding so you couldn’t see the paint on the road, and the power was out in half, yes half, the town was out of power. Why only half? I have no clue, but it was kind of funny.

So remember it was dumping rain on us? Yes well as scary as it was for us driving though all of that, imagine how the guy we saw in the back of a pick up truck just sitting there in a hoodie. I have no clue why he wore the hoodie as it didn’t help with the onslaught of rain and wind, but he seemed to be ok. I wish we had a picture of this, because it’s pretty hard to believe, but it is true.

So after discussing this for the better part of breakfast we headed on our way, packing up our belongings and then Cleopatra, who was getting used to this traveling gig, she even slept with me on my bed instead of in the bathroom. We drove out of Albuquerque and headed towards the great state of Texas!

Now Texas is a great state, where everything is bigger, and the people are friendly, but the two biggest things I saw were the big churches pushing their big religion in your face and the big open space of just nothing for hours. Between those two things I don’t think I will ever go back. Texas may have been the worst part of the trip just because it was so empty, boring, and flat. The Southern Guy was driving this whole time, because as I learned, if he wasn’t driving he was too bored. In Texas, he actually got so bored with the driving he allowed me a chance to take the wheel for the first time since Nevada and then took it right back because sitting there just staring at the nothingness was worse than driving through it for him. Even though it was pretty boring, there were some pretty bits.

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Eventually we reached Dallas, where we got to experience even worse construction, one lane busy highway traffic with orange cones everywhere! To find our hotel was crazy difficult and yes, I got us lost, but only for about five minutes, and then we did Denny’s at 11 o’clock, which I don’t suggest. The food which is only good in general is barely O.K. during the later hours.

The next morning was our last on the road, Cleo was completely quiet and docile, the Southern Guy was super antsy, and I was just done with being on the road. I will never, ever, ever make this trip again. I can not tell you how happy I was to see the Louisiana state sign.

Yes, it’s blurry, but I had to put something there. This picture still brings a smile to my face because I feel excited all over again just like that day when we FINALLY came up to the state line of my new home. Yes, I am working on becoming a Southerner, in about 8 months I will finally be considered a resident of Louisiana. Once we reached this sign it was about 4 hours until we were at home, and Cleopatra got to finally really stretch her legs.

That is my story of how I made my transition from the North to the South in less than a week, and man was it a crazy week. Changes happen so fast and no matter how much you prepare there is no way to be 100% ready for the curves life throws you. I have been constantly learning that lesson, and now I sit here with my new kitten, Gator, sleeping on my lap in my sparsely furnished apartment after finishing a week at my fill time office job. Only two months living here and those are just a few of the things that have happened so far. There’s a little preview into my next post, you’re welcome.

The trip story is DONE!


One thought on “The MOVE!! Part 2…

  1.    I hope you keep up your journal because you are a good writer, Megan.  I wish I had kept mine up over the years but really have only been good at it for about 3 years…very satisfying, I fine.  It’s the last thing I do before going to bed at night.

      Jeff, Katie Lynn, Paradise and Chance arrive tomorrow evening and will be here until Wednesday morning.  I told Jim I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! 

       Glad you are happy in the south…tell Kyle hello.                      love ya


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