Southern “Fall”

One of the hardest things yet to deal with has been the lack of “normal” weather down here. When you think of fall you think of harvest, sweaters, apple cider, brisk cool mornings, etc. Down here, that’s not the case at all, not at all…

It’s hot, summer hot and it stays hot until it finally breaks down and the weather gives in to winter. Finally now in November the wind is brisk and carries a nip, the rain is frigid, and the air is  just plain cold. It feels great. People keep asking me if it’s cold enough for me, honestly the
answer would have to be, “No.” It’s still too warm, I don’t see my breath when I walk outside, there hasn’t been a frost at all on the ground, but my mind constantly ‘thinks’ it is a normal Northern fall. Who could blame my way of thinking? It’s dark when I wake up and it doesn’t get light until almost after I get to work at 7:50 something in the morning, and then it starts getting dark close to 3:30ish, but it’s still just barely making the cut of being fall. At least in the sense that I know it.

Here it seems that fall is nothing, some people decorate with the oranges, reds, and browns, but mostly its just a passing season. Barely worth the mention since its so short and Christmas is more of a party than fall. Remember it’s all about the party down here, any excuse to have a good time, apple’s becoming ripe is more of a nerd hick celebration than a real party I guess. I don’t know I still get excited about the harvest, guess that’s just me down here.

So with the change of season, I noticed the ever prissy Cleopatra the Cat becoming needy and melancholy, more so than a dignified kitty princess usually allows. So the Southern Guy and I decided to get a pet for the princess, another cat. Yes, Cleo now has her own cat. (Technically we got the cat so Cleo could have a companion, but really, he’s the Southern Guy’s pet.) So whilst enjoying a rather lazy Saturday in September, we decided to go and just ‘look’ to see what was available, I wasn’t completely sold on getting another cat. (I didn’t want to totally spoil Cleo.) After going to two stores that were having their pet adoption day and not really seeing anything that I thought would work or that really tugged at the Southern Guy’s heart strings, we headed on over to our local Petsmart the last store on our list before heading out to meet some friends to go bowling. Upon arriving we saw that they had more kittens than the other stores, which made me happy because I didn’t want to deal with a grown cat with bad habits, and also worked for the Southern Guy because they were cuter than the grown cats, (he’s a sucker for infants of all sorts, true story). After doing the back cuddle test on our top two, we ended up taking home this guy…

Meet Gator!

This is the newest addition to our oddball family, and he is fantastic! Cleo was at first offended that we got a replacement cat (which is what he was in her mind), but once she realized he was her cat, she took to him like a football team to a table of free unlimited french toast. My favorite thing about this cat is probably the comment that was made to us when we were filling out the adoption papers, “He’s a white cat……so he’s gonna need to be strictly an indoor.” Meaning, he gets dirty more easily than a not straight white cat? ooooookkkkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyy……….Hmmmmm. Still a little weirded out by that comment, just the way it was said and how serious she was about his being white was the main factor in him not going outside.

Other than gaining a cat and enduring through the eternal summer that is the South, nothing much has been going on. Just living life, working, and finding projects along the way to fill my time. Being a complete adult is interesting, you have all this freedom and you really don’t know what to do with it. So you fill it with chores, jobs, services, none of which are bad things, but it’s amazing how much we complain about never having enough time, yet we do all we can to fill those few empty spaces we are blessed with. With technology that we all have access to as well, we are constantly reminded of, invited to, and alerted of tasks new and old, we can never get away from our “duties”. It has been quite the experimental process trying to find the “happy medium” between too much work and too much relaxing and being bored. I think I’ve finally found my happy balance, so far it’s been working; making dinner for two, taking care of the cats, cleaning my little apartment, helping maintain the Southern Guy’s house, and doing all my odds and ends of projects.


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