“Ring”ing In the New Year

Alrighty everyone, I’m writing down the story of “THE PROPOSAL”, 1.) because I’m sitting here in the Dallas airport on Christmas Eve waiting for another 45 minutes before they begin to board my flight into Portland(!!!! Almost Home!) and “B” because I know there are those who I wont be able to tell the story to first hand. So here it goes;

The Southern Guy and I have been dating for the past 3 1/2 years, which is a good chunk of time so of course we knew we wanted to get married, and we were planning on it, but it wasn’t official or anything. (It’s not official until he asks, no matter how much you talk and “plan”) The only real things that were holding us back was that we had done a long distance relationship for the past three years and wanted some one on one time where we got to have a “normal” dating experience once I moved closer, and the Southern Guy wanted to graduate from college. So for three years we worked on the things keeping us at a distance, my schooling, saving up so I could move, his religious decisions, and our relationship in general. I finished college, moved back home and continued to save and talk to the Southern Guy about religion. I knew he was curious and willing to learn, my fear was what would happen if he never decided that he felt my faith was true, if that happened could we still be together? The Southern Guy was searching for something that felt like home and after 2 and 1/2 years and many lessons and questions, he made the decision to be baptized! I was so happy and so proud of him for having come to that decision without my pushing or him making it because of me. It was all him.

So I moved down to Louisiana to be closer to him and to try my hand at being an actual adult, and lets just say “real” life is not at all what I expected it to be. Yes it’s hard, but overall the things that you have no clue how to handle are the things that end up defining us, helping us to become the best we can be. I’ve found that when I just go ahead and try to make it work it generally does, unless the Lord has another plan. Things tend to not be as complicated as we make them out to be in our highly intelligent minds. Over-thinking things, I now believe, is the main cause for many missed opportunities. With this lesson I’ve learned in mind, going and just doing has become easier, but I digress.

So after moving down there ( I say there because I am currently not there, I am 30,000 some odd feet in the air trying to keep myself entertained), the Southern Guy and I enjoyed a slightly restricted dating life due to his schooling. He was working on finishing his last semester at the local college earning his bachelor’s degree, a goal that he had been hard at work for the past 4 years. (Yes he was one semester late graduating technically, but he did change majors a year ago so it was expected.) We worked around it and enjoyed just being able to spend time together doing chores, running errands, and sometimes going out when homework and life allowed. In the past 4 or 5 months we have grown even closer than we were before, and of course we talked about what would happen after graduation; aka getting married. The Southern Guy had a goal set that he would only get married after graduating because he wanted to know that the financial struggle of school payments and less time at his actual job wouldn’t affect his future family/wife. That was something that was definitely difficult for me to deal with, because my parents are all about, “If you wait to be ready, you will never be ready,” which is a great point, but I also think that all things in moderation. Even a good thing can kill if done in excessive amounts, eating, drinking, sleeping, anything really.

So we had talked about getting engaged and getting married, but were just kinda sitting on it waiting for a little bit of a more ideal time.

Apparently that time was after church on December 22nd, when the Southern Guy blindfolded me in the car before we left and drove around town. I have to give a little description of the blindfold; it was one that I had with me when I first went to college and I sprayed with my perfume and sent with his first package I ever sent him. At first I knew almost exactly where I was, I just have that great of a sense of direction (just kidding, but I did know where I was), until the Southern Guy took a left hand turn I wasn’t familiar with and threw me off. I didn’t learn until later that he was passing by the house his grandfather lived in until he passed, to gather a little bit of courage and say a quick “Thank You”. We then continued on our trip, me trying to not peek and the Southern Guy egging me on asking if I knew where I was. I was completely turned around when he parked the car and came around to help me out, but then I heard this odd twerping noise, almost like a parrot that has an issue with the song birds outside, it’s a sound they now use in some cross walks to let people know how much time they have based off how fast the twerping goes. I had only ever heard that noise outside of the campus where the Southern Guy attended school, so when he asked again if I had any idea where we were I asked if we weren’t at campus because isn’t that where the noisy crosswalks were. He quickly covered that up with a quick lie that they have those all over town, and because I love and trust him I accepted that statement as fact and was lost again. (True story, he lied to me but it was all in the sake of romance so I forgave him) He then led me around and up some wooden stairs, it was then that I caught on that we were at campus and going to this beautiful old southern oak that they had built a wooden platform surrounding it with benches. It was where we had our first real date. So he blindfolded me with the first thing I had sent him, and proposed in the spot where we had our first date! It was too sweet and thought out. On top of which his best friend and he had set it up that the whole thing had been recorded and taped!! So we now have those memories for forever! I never thought I would cry because it wouldn’t be such a surprise, and it wasn’t so much of a surprise what was happening, but where and how was too perfect. I have a truly wonderful man in my life, and I love him so much!


Also the ring that he offered me that I now wear is made of parts of his mother’s ring, grandmother’s ring, and step-grandmother’s ring. Keeping it in the family, I was so touched when he told me and started balling all over again. The love I have received from his family is amazing to me, I don’t know how I can ever give back enough to them all, but I continue to try my hardest.

So that is my proposal story, my perfect, wouldn’t have it any other way, beautiful proposal that I accepted. That is how I get to ring in the New Year, with a new ring and a wedding to plan!


One thought on ““Ring”ing In the New Year

  1.    Megan, you express yourself so well…I enjoyed reading it all.  I hope you are also a journal keeper because they will become treasures as the years roll by.                              love ya…Marsha


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