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I’m a Northern Girl who fell for a Southern Guy.Well, not only the guy, but the South as a whole! I have grown up in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, even went to college up here. Now I’m heading down to the land of the cotton, Cajuns, and alligators (hint, hint) to start my life as an adult. On my own and to figure out who I want to be, and then what I want to be before getting “too old”. I have several goals in life, one of which is to become a healthier version of my current self which I have been documenting here and there because I believe in keeping records of our lives. You never know who you might touch now or in the future because you decided to write something down and keep it somewhere safe.

Anyway this is my way of keeping record, keeping track, and keeping in touch so that I don’t lose record, track, or touch with those people and things that matter most in life.

The Northern Girl and Her Southern Guy