The Big Count Down…

My lil’ sister Meesh has officially GRADUATED! She made it and I am so proud of her, my little sister-turned personal trainer(only sometimes and not since March) was able to push herself and graduate, something that we were a little worried about since she had some serious health issues her sophomore year putting her behind in her education. Since she has graduated and doesn’t have to worry about possibly getting a G.E.D., she is moving out of our parents home (yes before me, but just by about a month) and moving to…..



While she is heading off to start her life(aka waiting until she is a citizen of the state so she can get in-state tuition), I will be working and saving for the next month and a half for when I will be moving. Yes, finally MOVING! No more counting down the days until I get to see my Southern Guy, no more Skyping with him or being able to just call him and talk for maybe thirty minutes; from there on our we will be able to see each other on a daily basis if we are able to and choose to.

We will have a normal dating life, instead of this seeing each other once every six to seven months, and I will be able to go back to school, and make my own way in the world! Wow that’s a lot of change, but I know it will all be worth it and then some. The Southern Guy will be graduating here in December of 2013 with his bachelor’s and I will be deciding shortly after that where I want to go to college to finish my BA and what I want to finish it in(Dental Hygiene?). Until then it’s back to working my butt off when I don’t twist my ankle increasing my speed and lowing my times, and just overall creating better lifestyle habits for when I am on my own.

Speaking of times here’s my times from two of my runs this week, just my mile runs:


Full Mile Half MileAs you can see, my times are going down, the full mile time on the right corresponds to the half mile time on the right, and you may be a little confused then why my 5:31 has an ending time greater than the run before. There’s a simple answer and it is totally legit (yes LEGIT). The run on the day before (the 12:26 ending minute) I pulled my hamstring and so after stretching after the run and before my run the very next day, I didn’t think it would be a problem and as you can see for the first half mile it wasn’t. During the 2nd half of my mile I had to stop for at least 30-60 seconds to stretch because it started hurting again. Lesson learn, when my body tells me my limits I need to listen instead of pushing through it, most of the time. It’s hard sometimes to listen to the messages your body sends you, especially when your dad is a Marine who reminds you that, “Pain is weakness leaving the body,” an awesome inspiring Marine saying, but also one that needs to be understood in context to the situation. So when my muscles hurt because they are doing more work than they are used to v.s. my muscles pulling and over working, I will remember the difference. Also stretching isn’t something to be taken lightly, DO IT. Stretching really does make a HUGE difference, it starts to warm up your muscles so that they are somewhat prepped for your workout, then really warm them up by doing a 5 minute walk or jog, don’t just jump into your exercise, WARM IT UP! Also before you completely cool down, stretch again! It will make all the difference between being sore and stiff and feeling amazing the next day, it also helps with your mentality towards exercising. You won’t associate constant soreness and pain with doing a good workout, but rather will remember the endorphins release during and after your workout making it a more pleasant memory.


So there’s my rant dealing with working out, I know I really should get something more to rant about. Oh and I know I promised some recipes and since my lil’ sisters and I are going to be living so far away and I know how much they love my cooking I will definitely be getting on adding those recipes I promised forever ago and others that my family and I love.

So much is happening, so many changes. This is proof and reason right here why it is so important to keep some sort of a record of the happenings of our lives. I don’t know what all I have forgotten these past two to three weeks, but I know I have forgotten plenty. But for now I think that this was a pretty good summary of the past few weeks and I feel like I’m ready to work on keeping better more accurate record more often.

Just for grins and giggles.


Been a while…

So it’s been a while since I’ve don’t anything on here, I feel like I’ve really fallin’ off the band wagon here, but it’s OK. I just need to push myself harder. These last couple of weeks I’ve really been pushing harder, running for longer, and I’ve started doing some weight exercises. So far I’m still only down 6 lbs, I had thought I had lost another 2 lbs making me so much closer to my 10 lbs goal, but I now no longer trust scales. At least not the one in my bathroom! In the last week or so I started a couch to 5k program and have been going good on that, it’s hard, but so worth it! I feel great, even though I’m so red in the face it looks like I’m sun burnt, I feel like I’ve done something amazing and my only regrets are the days when I don’t do something.

I really need to hunker down these next two months and work on losing at least another 6 lbs to 10 lbs, which means no more sodas, candy, fried food, or fast food of any kind. My workouts are going to be 30 minutes or longer, I’m going to push harder. One goal I met was that I ran two miles straight, granted it was in 30 minutes making my mile a 15 minute mile. I’m going to start doing interval training to decrease my timing down to a 10 minute mile, but I’m not giving up on the distance training as well, I’ve found that by doing both interval training and distance training I will be able to increase my stamina and decrease my times. Hopefully this will also help with my calorie burning.

Obesity Campaign Poster

That’s the dream.

Things are changing for me, new life decisions are coming about and I’m excited for the new experiences heading my way. Now to just get myself to a point where I feel like I’m actually making significant change. I went dress shopping a few days ago (Memorial Day, you know because of all the sales I thought it was the best choice), because I thought I was getting into pretty good shape and slimming down enough that a new dress would be a wonderful reward. While trying on the dresses I was surprised how well they were fitting, but that I still wasn’t looking how well I thought I did. In my mind there was this image of me, but that I was A LOT thinner than I really am. It was reality and my personal reality finally colliding and what I saw in the mirror had two sides; on the one hand I fit into clothes that had been tight at best, on the other hand I’m still far off from my goal and now I completely see it. My eyes have been opened fully and now knowing everything, seeing everything about myself I can fully diagnose what’s going on.


Two months ago

2007-08-03 012

This month


Three years ago













Now I need to focus on not only how long I work out, but how many times a week. I’ve been pushing myself to work out three to four times a week, now I need to push to do four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Making different choices and keeping my muscles confused so they develop and grow increasing my fat burn. So in two months I will be able to get that dress and possibly need some other clothes because mine will no longer fit!

Changing it up…

The last couple of weeks have been hard, getting back into the swing of things and getting my self back to the level I was at about three weeks ago, but I am proud to say I have kept up the push and caused myself to work at the goal. This is something I don’t want to give up on just yet.

Today is Mother’s Day, and I wish that it is a happy one for all those amazing mothers out there. For my younger sister’s present to our mom, she used her artistic skills in photography to take some nice pictures of all of us and they all turned out really great. I have to say even my pictures turned out pretty good, I don’t look half bad, but I definitely didn’t look as good as I had in my mind.

2007-08-03 012

Mother’s Day 2013


December 2012

In December I was in my best friend’s wedding as a Bride’s maid and at the time I didn’t really realize how far I had let myself go, and as you can see I’m still not too far from that. So far in about a month and a half I have lost close to 6 lbs, changed my eating habits, and started exercising, but for doing it for a month and a half I would have hoped to have seen a bigger change. I know it’s because my activity level has only increased slightly, not enough to make the “drastic” change I was hoping for. If we want to see a drastic change of more than 3 to 4 lbs a month we need to push harder and be more drastic! AH HAH! I know it’s not that big of an epiphany, but you know what, for me it may be a game changer in my goal!

So instead of focusing on my time for a mile, I’m going to just increase the time that I exercise and the amount that I exercise per week. Also I want to keep track of how many miles in a month I do just for the sake of grins and giggles.

Again I know I’m not going to be super thing and amazingly fit skinny, but for me I will be healthy, I wont worry about the possibility of diabetes, and I will know that my children will live long and healthy lives because of the habits they were raised with. It’s not about fitting into a size 8 for me, its just about being the best I can be and if the end I can get into a size 8 then that’s awesome, but otherwise I will know that I pushed myself and I did my best and my best may be a 12 or 14 or even an 18, but I know that I can do it and that nothing is out of my reach if I only apply myself and push for that goal. So here’s to another 2 and a half months, lets see what can be done.


Wow, I have found my new inspirations! I was doing some research on smart pedometers (the fitbit, because it’s so FREAKING awesome!) and I happened upon this site; Angryjogger. A website by an Irish gentleman who decided one day that he was going to run home due to circumstances out of his control and then made goals based on his first ever running experience. He writes about how he did it, he posted pictures of his former self who wasn’t overly overweight (just like me!), but was definitely in a place he didn’t want to be, he gives a real man’s perspective on how running changed him and how it can definitely change anyone else out there.

It’s not just about running anymore, it’s become part of my lifestyle to spend weekends away in new places. Besides it’s easier to continue with the running than it is to stop and start all over again.  Running tomorrow will always be easier than running some time next week.

Once you build some momentum with it, then it becomes less of a challenge.” ~ The Angry Jogger

And then thanks to the amazing powers of Pinterest and it’s search capabilities, I found What We’re Eating. A wonderful blog about a woman who was overweight and knew it, but couldn’t face the reality of it. One day she decided she was going to change and started the couch to 5K program (Like you know who again!) and something just clicked for her. She realized that this was something she definitely could do, that weight loss is a life decision, not just something you do to, ehem, lose weight for now and it will stay off. She has some really tasty recipes that I am just dying to try, and her story really, really touched me.

Though I had always said I would never be a jogger, I begrudgingly started the program alongside her. Not gonna lie – in the beginning I didn’t even know if I was going to make it through the entire 60 seconds of jogging. But each week I continued to surprise myself and was able to succeed at increasing the length of the intervals on schedule with the program, though some weeks that meant pushing myself more than others. About half way through, the flip switched in my head. You know what? I can do this. And that’s the thing! It’s all in our freaking heads! When your inner dialogue is filled with “I can’t run for 5 minutes” “I can’t say no to that slice of pizza” “there is no way I’m ever going to shed 100 lbs” “I’m fat, I’m ugly, even I don’t want to look at me, how can anyone else” all of these negative thoughts just constantly circling over and over and over, yeah – you know what? YOU NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES. You have to believe in your ability to do it first.” ~Amanda of What We’re Eating

I offer them and their work for your consideration and hopefully approval. I have just started reading them, but plan on making it a weekly habit if not a daily one. I find them so far inspiring, motivating, very informational, and entertaining, I can’t wait to read more and test out what they have to say.

Building Up, But Not From Square One…

There have been many changes in the last two weeks, the first and cutest is that our Dexter cow, Maybell, gave birth to her heifer calf who was deemed, “Tinkerbell”, so she would fit in with the “Cowbells” as we call them. (Our cows are Maybell, Annabell, and now Tinkerbell get it?) Now we are just waiting on the milking goat, who’s name is coincidentally is Belle (honestly that one was an accident, she was here before the cows and was already named, and the two cows were already named as well when we got them. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?) to give birth to (cross your fingers) twins(?).

Maybell the mama and Tinkerbell the baby

The weather here has gotten more and more beautiful, it has been up above 80 degrees all week and most of last week too meaning that we are going to have a long HOT summer. That’s how summer was meant to be, hot and sunny with a few breaks for the occasional wonderful thunderstorm. The nights have been clear and cool, making me long for my Southern guy or friends to go stargazing with. Oh those summer nights when I wasn’t an adult and didn’t have to worry about getting enough sleep so I could function during the day, where have you gone?


Exercise-wise the last two weeks were a little rough owing to a few factors;

  1. The flu was going around, and my family got it
  2. Due to the awesome hot weather, the mosquitoes all hatched and decided to feed on everything (including me while I was running)
  3. The mosquitoes somehow bit me through my shoes…still haven’t figured that one out yet.
  4. One of said bites blistered and caused a serious “boo-boo” on part of my foot making running extremely painful

So I did go running, but because of those stinking mosquitoes and their stupid appetites which caused a nasty blister I only ran about 2 times last week, and it took forever to heal. This week however I got back into the exercise routine I had been keeping up, cardio about 3 to 4 times and strength training whenever I didn’t go for a run. It was hard getting back into the swing of things, especially running the mile straight, the goal that I had just started to meet, and the whole ten minute mile goal that I was getting closer and closer to has become so hard! 15 minutes is what I did on Monday and Tuesday I was forced to do run to the high school and back from my house, my trainer insisted it was only a half a mile, my legs and instinct said otherwise.

I finally got home and went straight to the computer (yeah I know I didn’t stretch, tsk tsk.) and found this awesome site called Run My Route which I found and now LOVE! It is where you can go to route a run no matter where it is, and it’s great for those of us without a smartphone that has GPS and can track where you go and it also measures how far you go. Thankfully I found that Meesh has no sense of direction or distance and that 1/2 mile that she said I did just going the one way turned out to be about 1.6 miles which made my whole “run” about 3.2 miles…which made me very upset at my younger sister turned personal trainer.

Then tonight I ran 95% of the mile (due to some technical difficulty with my ipod and a c5K app) and I did the whole mile in about 13 minutes which was awesome and felt good, but I was worried about how hard it was for me. Surprisingly though I was able to do it and I felt great afterwards which is the whole point, but I realized that I need to work on the goals of running the full mile and getting it as close to 10 minutes for more than just one week. It needs to be my goal for a while, I need to make sure that I don’t loose the edge I got when I finally made the mile and had it down to 10 minutes.

Word of advice, listen to music while running that you want to sing to. You don’t have to sing along, but mouthing the words and focusing on something other than your breath or how your legs or lungs feel helps push you further for longer. Its like when you complained about a bruise on your leg back in high school and your friend turns around and smacks you in the arm, you are no longer focused on the pain in your leg for the shock and pain on your arm. Fun fact! I found that helps especially towards the end of my mile when I’m about to give up and I have a hill to climb up, I find new strength and am able to push through the end.

Chubby and Proud!

Have you ever had one of those neighbors who you’ve never met, but they do something annoying or seem to just want to bug you? Well we met ours tonight, at 10:30 PM when we let our dogs out one last time for a bathroom break and our German Shepherd, Shea, started barking because someone was on the other side of the fence. Sheamus is EXTREMELY territorial and because he has very limited eyesight he gets worked up over the slightest of noises, he’s a great guard dog, but I agree with the neighbor that he is also very annoying.

Well all our neighbor knows about us, is that we have an annoying dog who barks every time we let him out and all we know about the guy on the other side of our back fence is that he antagonizes the dog and makes the situation worse. Long story short, my mother went out in her PJ’s because she had, had enough of this punk messing with our dog by barking at him or banging pieces of wood together and making the whole scenario worse, and we got the most interesting story about a divorce caused by the noise of our pets, and how the rest of his life somehow played into this vexing setting. After all that I’m having a hard time sleeping because all the excitement woke me up completely. So here is what all is going on;

I keep daydreaming of the time when my Southern Guy and I get to travel together with all my belongings and my silly cat down South, being able to be a “normal” couple in the sense that we are close in proximity and able to date and do daily things together. It is driving me crazy how I have to wait, but hopefully the time is getting closer. Fingers crossed!

These last two weeks I kept to my goal of 3-4 times running or a good cardio workout a week, constantly making a mile in 10 minutes. I’m really proud of that, also in the last 2-3 weeks I’ve lost 4 lbs total! I’ve been eating relatively clean, with only a few slip ups here and there, nothing big, but just little binges of a soda (only once a week) and maybe some chips or something that’s processed. Overall I would say that the last two weeks have been great! Tough, but great! My goals now are to keep that up for the next 3 months, to see how far I can get and see what others think or if they even notice or I notice a significant change. I also want to add more muscle work into my routine, tone up my arms and torso, so that while I’m thinning out (hopefully) there is something behind it all.

Speaking of a something behind all of “it”, I just have to elaborate on somethings I’ve said before;

I’ve posted a little bit of my background, my family and growing up with two thin sisters, and being the chubby one in the family. I’ve done some soul searching as well as talking with my parents, and something that was said really hit me, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Even when I was thinner in high school I wasn’t happy with where I was, I thought I was still chubby, and I was. I wasn’t “thin” like I said before, but you could see in my face and in my body that I was healthy, that even though I had a little pudge in my gut I was healthier than I was now. My face was thinner, my weight was lower, and I felt relatively good about myself, even thought at the time I thought that I should be thin like my sisters. My mom told me that my size “suits” me, that being bigger isn’t something to be upset about. Yes I need to work at being better and working towards being healthier for whatever my purposes, but I also need to recognize the wonderful body I have. The beauty that is Megan, and look at what has been given me without searching out the negative. I need to be aware of my short comings, but I don’t need to constantly focus on them, I need to fix them and move on. So like Raven from “X-Men First Class”, but with a slight alteration, I am Chubby and Proud!

So the next week is all about cardio for at least 30 minutes for 3-4 days, and muscle workouts at least 3 days this week.

Shout out: in two months my best friend Shannon will be in town and I can’t wait! Hopefully with her in town I will have some more stories to tell and a few videos to post!

Forward Motion

Today was another awesome day! I hope everyone out there had a great day as well, it’s early spring, the weather has been nice (at least here in my little valley), and with the extra rain everything is growing and bringing out the bright and beautiful colors of springtime. And where is the best place to see all of this and enjoy it while on a good mile long run? The Farm!

My mom’s best friend and her husband, who are pretty much my aunt and uncle, asked me to house/barn-sit for the last for the couple of days and it’s been great! Not only does this force all my excuses out the door about running and exercising, because I’m already at the spot where I go to get my burn on, but it also has been an awesome experience being on my own again since college. I miss living on my own, I know I’ve said it and I’m grateful for my family allowing me to stay with them, but I’m ready to get out there on my own. Anyway, today I did awesome with the eating, I stayed away from bad things like candy (it’s literally ALL OVER my office where I work), and I went for my mile run. Sadly because it’s been raining all day the back field is soaked through and running back there would be disastrous, so I only ran 5/6ths of a mile. On top of this I did walk for 25 seconds, but only once so I feel pretty proud of myself over all.

After that pretty good run, I needed to take care of the animals. So I feel like I made up for my not full mile by mucking out the stalls and cleaning up after some crazy messy creatures.


Yes these are our NINE goats. On top of this we share four Dexter cows, two steers, a heifer, and a milk cow soon due to deliver our fifth little cow. So I had a pretty good sized mess to clean tonight, right after doing my “ok” run. I feel like I deserved a good meal of something not so healthy tonight. So here’s what happened:

First you rake up all the gucky, gross hay, and put it into one big pile. We call that sweet and sour hay, because the goats like to eat out of the big pile if we don’t move it fast enough. Then I have to get a pitchfork and chuck it out as far as I can so that it doesn’t add up too much. Squeaker the cat decided to check in on my work to see how I was doing and how fast I was going; he was hungry and was sick of waiting for me. I told him to just catch a mouse and have a snack before dinner, but he just sat on the milking stand and gave me a look like, “I already did that lady, now pick up that poo faster!”

So just as I’m finishing and letting the goats in to eat and be put up for the night I get this view;

Remember how I said it had been raining all day? I even ran in the rain just so I could say I did and know that I’m living up to my set goal, then after getting nearly covered in goat guck, and almost being run over by nine hungry and heavy goats I see this amazing view. And it made everything totally worth it, just for that moment. Oh and no, that is not goat fuzz because someone got too close to my pitchfork, but rather because someone either is shedding or someone else took a nip at them and got a mouth full of goat fuzz.

So after a nice hot shower that took all the guck off me, and a warm meal, I am proud to say and post that it was another good day. I’m not quite to my goal of running a mile square on, but I am definitely getting closer. Maybe next week I will do it, but soon for sure.

First Real Change (Real Change, Takes Effect)

Checking in on day one, initiatory day of my changes for real this time around, and I feel like “tooting” my own horn so here it is;

“A-scoot a-toot!”

So today, I had a delicious breakfast of turkey sausage and scrambled eggs mixed together, kinda like what you would do in a breakfast burrito. I love chopped up turkey sausage (or any sausage) put together with scrambled eggs and seasoned with Tony’s Cajun seasoning. (I’m dating a southerner remember? Everything needs to be spicy.) YUM! One of the best breakfasts ever, but I top it off with a banana as I run out the door so I get some fruit in there. Then today I snacked on some cut up apples all day, and it was a LONG day. Any crazy person who could have called in to the bank today did, and just had the strangest requests and questions. Maybe there’s a full moon tonight?

For lunch I did have TopRamen as something quick because I was hungry and just needed something quick when I came back to the farm to let one of the cats out. Here’s my views on TopRamen, if you are constantly eating it of course it’s unhealthy, but unlike going to a fast food joint where pretty much everything is just dipped in fat, it has a good amount of sodium, but I figure its the less of two evils. So then after cooking that up and checking on some other things and packing the Ramen up, I headed back to work where I resisted the evils of the sugars that surround me at every turn in the office.

After clocking out and feeling exhausted, more mentally so than physically which may be harder to fight and push through, I got a phone call from my little sister and trainer Meesh. Meesh needed my assistance tonight in getting some of her homework done in time for the deadline of end of term, as the best big sister I am I took some time to be her photographer instead of heading out for a run right away.

After all that, let me tell y’all, it was so hard to push myself out the door and force my arms and legs into the motions of running, but oh wow was it worth it! I feel amazing, and so proud of myself. After everything today I felt like there was almost no way I could get it done and not only did I get my run done, but I did so much better than I ever had!

I have never in my life ran a full mile straight, and currently that is my end goal. I want to be able to not walk once, to be able to push myself through the entire mile, and then push myself even further. I want to get to that point where I don’t have to think about forcing my limbs into it, and enjoy the run for what it is; time to myself to focus on my body, my feelings, and my thoughts. Tonight I got there for a good 1/3 of the mile, where I wasn’t thinking about pushing or forcing. It just happened. I just was running and it was wonderful!

So here’s what I accomplished; healthy eating, running, and I walked less during my “run” than ever! Only for 1/8th of a mile.

Real Change

So this week I’m really putting my gears in motion, for the last couple of weeks I’ve made goals and met them half way, but this week I’m going all the way! I’m really going to do it.

That means I’m going to make goals for the entire week and check in daily, I want to make this really stick. As I’ve said before I’m not perfect, I’m not one of those already pretty fit gals. I really need to lose the weight and I just need to push myself to get it all done.

This week I will:

  1. Run 4x’s this week (at least a mile)
  2. Eat a healthy Breakfast and Dinner and snack on fruit and veggies during the day
  3. Work on my situp and pushup levels

So there it is. Nothing really out there, totally doable, but by checking in I hope to make this a habit more than its been before.

In keeping up, here is Monday of this week:

I am currently house-sitting for some really good friends, at the barn where we keep our goat and cows. My mom’s best friend and her husband are away visiting family, and helping to take care of their granddaughter, so I’m here taking care of the animals and enjoying some time away from my crazy, wonderful family. I haven’t lived on my own in a long time and so it has been a little weird not being constantly bugged or asked to take care of something, but I’m enjoying it immensely! (I can’t wait to move out again and be on my own, can you tell?) So tonight because I didn’t prepare my things to get over here right after work and be able to change into my running clothes, I didn’t go running. I still have 6 days left though! So tomorrow morning my plan is to get up and at least go for a walk before work, but after work definitely go for my run on the road right down the highway from the farm. I will have no excuse tomorrow as I got all my errands done, my work out clothes here, and I will have the extra time to get over to the road. Today I did succeed in having a great breakfast of an egg white, smoked salmon, and laughing cow cheese omelet with herbs for seasoning. Then for lunch I made an awesome laughing cow cheese, smoked salmon, and herb spread on top off some flat bread, while dinner was a bowl of lettuce with some vinaigrette and a lean steak.

Also tonight I am going to get some sit ups and pushups in before bedtime. So I’m not too far behind in my goals for this week!

Happy Monday!

100 Yards of Lunges…


That’s how I feel at this very moment, just “ouch”. My physical self is aching and not sure how I’m going to make it through the work day of being a nanny for a little boy, running around after him and playing, climbing up two flights of stairs to get to my desk job in the afternoon, and then coming home to help with chores and start the work out process all over again. The mental part of me is just thinking, “AW YEAH! Look at what I just did tonight!!” After a half mile in 5 (YES! FIVE minutes!), a 100 yards worth of lunges (Yes, the ENTIRE high school football field), and then some core workout, topping the night off with a mini suicide (an exercise Meesh taught me tonight), I am sore but extremely proud of how I was able to push through it and do something I have never done before.

I have to own up and admit though that I took breaks, I tried to tease my little sister into letting me out of the set goals, and I am not nearly at the fitness level I thought I was. Lets just say I should have been WAY more red in the face than I actually was. Even though I’m not nearly where I thought I was or deluded myself into thinking I was, I now know that I can only work up, unless I give up which I am not going to do.

Tonight I was looking through some pictures from the past. Some of you may remember when I talked about how in family pictures from my childhood I was always chubby whilst my younger sisters were so skinny and fit looking. There was a time right around when I was 16 to right after I turned 18 that I was fit, but only in looks. I had thinned out, but I know I definitely couldn’t do a 10 minute mile back then, I was still out of shape. At that time my metabolism was at it’s best, fast and healthy. Looking back my goals then were not even remotely health related, and because of that and my bad habits I let myself get into when I went to college, I now not only have fitness goals orientated on how I look, but how much I can push myself.

I just wanted to put out another few words of advice; don’t focus on the weight, look at what you can do or the inches that come off. In the entire month that I’ve really applied myself and worked on my set goals I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist, and only 2 pounds off my total body. Remember muscle is heavier than fat, and when you start working out and pushing your body yes you burn more, but you are also causing your muscles to grow and work harder to become stronger. When you start out you are pushing your muscles to move quite a bit of weight faster than they have in a long time for longer than they’ve had to work in a long time, so they start improving themselves to make up the difference and they change a lot faster than you burn fat, at first. Eventually the fat burn, muscle gain ratio will even out, but at the beginning it is definitely not going to be even close. So now knowing that you can’t give up. Weight loss isn’t an overnight thing. If it’s easy to lose the weight then it’s probably going to be just as easy to gain it back.

So tonight while I try to settle my shaking thighs so I can sleep, I have to publicly say, “Thank you,” to my wonderful younger sister who knows exactly how to push my buttons to get me to stop teasing and playing around, and push through the pain to a better me. And remind you all that nothing worth while ever comes overnight, the best things in life are the ones we work for and push ourselves after.