Goats, Smokes, and Moves…

So the baby goaties are now about a month and a half old, right around their one month birthday our Northern valley was dealing with some pretty hot weather, which lead to some nasty dry vegetation that caught on fire due to a few lightning strikes. This caused our little valley to fill up with smoke making some pretty cool picture opportunities out at the farm, so here they are…



Then this was one of the last times I got to play with the goats as I was packing up and leaving for Louisiana in less that two weeks. So I sat in the field and just played with the babies and watched the bigger goats rough house. Our Dexter’s got into the mix as well again some fun picture times.



And then the Dexter’s, including Tinkerbell wanted to play as well.



And then I moved…there wasn’t much that happened other than working and packing until the Southern Guy came into town on Saturday, and we packed my little Ford Focus (Yay Marty!), hog tied my cat and put her in her carrier (not really, but the way she reacted you would have thought that’s what we did), and drove off Monday morning bright and early….


Farm Goats

Northern Summer

I’m curious about what the general public think about my pictures. Please let me know!

Rainie Falls Hike

My little sister recently moved out and has taken residence in Utah, where she will be working and saving until she starts school in the fall of 2014. Since she was able to land a job interview and needed to be in Utah a month earlier than originally planned, we as a family decided to spend our last weekend together and on Father’s Day we went for a hike on the Rogue River, the Rainie Falls Trail Hike. It’s two miles to the falls following a trail that is maybe two feet wide with one side going up steep rocky cliffs and the other dropping straight into the river, so in short it’s exciting!

At the beginning it doesn’t look like its going to be tough at all, but in a lot of places it is steep climbing on slick rocks and sometimes the trail would get even more narrow that it already was!

It took my family of 5 about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to completely finish the hike, we stopped at the end and took a bit of a break, but over all we didn’t do too bad time wise. It was so much fun and we made great memories together that will last way longer than seeing a movie together or yard work, on top of that it was great exercise for all of us!

And now it’s time for me to brag (cause I’m kinda proud of my photography) I took all these pictures and I edited them all myself! I know they aren’t super professional or anything, but overall I stand by my pictures.

So now that my little sister is in Utah, I myself only have about a month left until I’m packing up and moving out to the South to be with the Southern Guy and start my schooling up again. Wow, it really hasn’t hit me yet, ONE MONTH that’s nothing compared to what I’ve been waiting. I’m so excited to be moving forward with my life and becoming more of a “Big Girl”, taking care of myself, and getting the real life things done the way they should be done. But until I get to do that in a month I will be taking pictures of my home and the surroundings so that when I do get homesick, as I know I will, I can look back and see the beauty that I’ve grown up in and taken for granted the last 22 years.

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Spring in the Pacific Northwest






Life as a Pacific Northwestern Nanny














“Bear”ly holding on…

Today while on my run with my trainer/sister (who is being awesome with all of this) we ran by a store called “Bearly Used Beds”. Their whole theme is teddy bears and beds, cute right? Well they left out one bed and one poor little bear who was hanging on for dear life. I don’t know if it was a pun on their part or some cruel joke by a passer-by, but look at this sad little guy!


I had a funny thought after viewing his upsetting predicament, ” Some of us are “bear”ly hanging on to our goals.” Meesh thought that was pretty funny and somewhat impressive that while out of breath and while running past I could still think of something so silly. Anyway take a lesson from this little grizzly, even though we’re just barely hanging (yeah I gave up on the pun), by just hanging on we are not giving up and that’s what matters. Eventually we will reach the top, and when we get there it will totally be worth it.


Oh and meet Meesh! My trainer who I pay in ice cream and buffalo wings…not the best nutritionist, but an awesome sister and a great trainer.



Summer Dreams


This is my personal perfection goal that I want at the moment, back down about 35 pounds to this.